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Thursday 3/31/22 Program Overview and Kick-Off Reception

Introduction of the sponsoring organizations

  • Scott Edwards from Turner Construction      

  • Claudette Hanks – HJ Russell

  • Kimberly Irvin-Lee - Urban League of Greater Atlanta

  • Nancy Johnson – Urban League of Greater Atlanta


We will have introductions of each of the participants and the firms they represent. Tell us why you enrolled in the program and what you hope to get out of the 8-week session.  You will learn about the history of the combined programs, what to expect, review the class website, and courses.



Thursday 4/7/22 Business Coaching & Capabilities Statements – Renzie Richardson, Urban League

This session provides general information regarding business plan updating including focusing on market segments, setting targets for market share, financial projections, and supporting the organization’s mission statement. Participants will create a business plan updating strategy for their company.



Thursday 4/14/22 Business Ready Minority Certification -  Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC)

There is a lot of work here in Atlanta, learn about how to get your business prepared for upcoming projects like the GULCH and the Airport.  In addition, why having your business certified as a minority owned business is a benefit. The Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council and the City of Atlanta’s Office of Contracts and Compliance, will discuss small business initiatives and how to position your company to take advantage of current opportunities.


Thursday 4/21/22 Prequalification & Procurement - Brian Cheek, Turner and Bryant Sharp, HJ Russell

This class will focus on all of the pieces and parts of Turner and Russell’s prequalification process. We will go through each step of the process, all of our requirements, and provide resources for any additional assistance needed. Participants will also learn about engaging with the procurement department.



Thursday 4/28/22 Estimating & Bidding & Bid Day Simulation - Richard Leftwich, Turner Construction

This session focuses on the tools, strategies, and procedures, involved as well as potential pitfalls when bidding a project. Participants will learn the importance of subcontractor relationships, and how to maximize value on a project. We will run through a Bid Day Simulation and discuss what a bid day looks like, give tips and tricks and provide feedback on how each of you do. Estimating techniques for subcontractors and what all needs to be included in a bid



Thursday 5/5/22 An Owner/Developer’s Perspective on the Importance of Subcontractors Ebony Haynes, Microsoft

During the session, participants will hear from owners on the importance of subcontractors from an Owner/Developer’s perspective.


WEEK 7: 

Thursday 5/12/22 Business Development – Jerri Sumlin and Jhocques Jordon, HJ Russell

Review of importance of business development how it affects sales growth, business expansion, the formation of strategic partnerships, and increased profitability. Business developers should be aware of new market opportunities, possibilities for expansion, competitor developments, and the current sources of the company's revenue.



Thursday 5/19/22 GRADUATION

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